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To Bang or Not To Bang

Side swept bangs

Have you been wondering if you should have some bangs cut at your next appointment? Well here's your ultimate guide to the yes or no question!

Bangs are usually cute, sometimes frustrating and most of us have had the oops i cut them way too short nightmare!

When to Bang

Face shape and proportion has a lot to do with whether bangs are for you or not.

If your face is proportioned between your eyebrows and hairline, your eyebrows and the bottom of your nose, and your nose to your chin, congratulations! You can bang or not bang and it's entirely up to you!

If your forehead is larger than the other two sections, bangs are an ideal solution to help round out your face. The "ideal" face shape is oval so anything that helps create the illusion of an oval shaped face is going to be the most flattering.

If your forehead is smaller than the other two sections, you can still rock some bangs, but a side sweep or longer bang is going to create the illusion that your forehead is longer.

Bangs draw attention to your eyes, so if you love to emphasize your eyes, its time to bang!

Also, if you have a more prominent nose or chin, bangs draw the attention up to your eyes and away from the area that's most prominent.

Today's bangs aren't the straight across a la Dora the Explorer or the "oops I cut them myself and cut ABOVE my fingers" (you know you've been there)

There are a lot of different options for soft, striking, side swept, curtain, long, curly, blended, faceframing or any other type of bang.

Decided to bang but not sure what kind would be best for you? Schedule a consultation with me here or check out my Pinterest page here to help make your decision.

Til next time, happy banging:)


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