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Welcome to the Curly Haircare Education you've been waiting for! 

Ready to learn all of the curly haircare secrets? Let's make frizz be a problem of the past and really get some definition into your curls once and for all! 

Learn the 3 Steps to Healthy Curls method at your Curl Discovery Session along with all the tips and tricks.  You'll leave equipped with the tools, knowledge, skills and products that will change your curls for life! 

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Choose Your Own Adventure - Free Spirited Curls are the Best Kind

What to Schedule

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My Curl Discovery Session is designed to allow me time to get to know you, your habits, your hair and your routine so that I can show you the best way to take care of your curls that also fits into your lifestyle. You'll get a haircut, curl haircare information, instructions on how to wash your curls, condition them, detangle correctly, how to style them and dry them and sleep with them. I'll also address common curl misconceptions and myths and you'll get all of the other questions you have answered. 


My Sweetheart Session is to help people 11-17 learn how to wash, condition & style their curls.  It is meant to be a foundation that is built upon later and is a shortened version of the curl session. 

How to Schedule

Click the button below or any button that says Schedule Now and fill out the form.  You'll immediately get an email that includes my online booking link where you can choose a day and time that works for you. 

If you run into any issues, email me at and I'll walk you through scheduling quickly.  

If you're an adult, choose the Curl Discovery Session. 

If you're a minor or scheduling for a minor, choose the Sweetheart Session. 

Once you're scheduled, I'll send you a confirmation email with details about where to go and what to expect and how to prepare! 

I hope to meet you soon to show you that Healthy Curls are Easy with the Right Strategy! 

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