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Your first visit will be a Curl Discovery Session

These will be your "Transformation" Sessions and will be fun! You'll come in and meet me and we get to talk about all of your concerns and needs.  This is where you learn the 3 Steps to Healthy Curls Method and receive the knowledge and tools to get started.  

You'll  learn about curl makeup & structure, moisture and hydration,  get an initial custom curly haircut, some treatments to kickstart your process, and learn about how to wash, condition, detangle, hydrate, style, dry, sleep with and refresh your curls.  You'll leave with personal product recommendations and the knowledge of how to choose products in the future and when and how to use them. 

Curl Discovery Session $ 200

For adults 


Curly Color or Highlight

with Curl Discovery Session $350

Add a Color Service to Curl Discovery for Adults

Sweetheart Session $150

Specifically for people age 11-17

Maintenance Services

Existing clients can choose services from the menu below. Please use the Curl Lounge to schedule a returning appointment.


Haircuts & Styling

Curly Haircut, Wash & Curl Set  $115

Curly Haircut & Dry Refresh $80

Curly Haircut, Wash & Airdry $97

Curly Clipper Cut, Wash & Set  $48

Wash & Curl Set  $67

Weekly Wash & Curl Set $50

Curl Set after another Service $50 


Pumpkin Hair Treatment $25

Scalp Treatment $40

Detox Treatment $50

Luxury Hair Treatment $70

Curl Color 

Grey Blending  $150

Full Curly Highlights  $165

Full Highlight $135

Partial Highlight $85

Mini Highlight  $50

Highlight & Lowlight  $195

Roots & Ends  $130

Full Retouch $104

Partial Retouch  $72 

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