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My Top Summer Moments

Today is the first day of Fall! I love fall, and if you've been around me you already know how excited I get this time of year. But I want to take a moment to appreciate the Summer. I wanna share with you my top summer moments.

1. My kiddo became a teenager! What? How did that happen? They truly do grow up too fast. Jayden is maturing right in front of my eyes and I can't wait to see the man he becomes!

2. International Beauty Show Las Vegas - Yes! I can't tell you all how much I appreciate the opportunity to meet and interact with the hair industries' most talented people. I always learn so much and this year was no exception. I met hairdressers from Tennessee, California, Ohio and learned from educators from all over the world. My mother and I have a ton of fun together and it was a great trip all in all.

3. Extensions, extensions, extensions ! I learned how to install extensions years ago, but extensions often bring to mind extremely long hair or special occasions and I never thought it was worth my investing in. UNTIL: I had client after client lamenting about how thin their hair was getting. I'm the hair professional. I've tried the shampoos and treatments and the tonics and everything else. They all "work" in some way but there isn't actually any hair being replaced. Extensions replace that hair for you!

I reached out and got the education and refresher courses I needed, and I invested in something that I believe 100 percent will solve a problem for my clientele.

4. My mom Retired. - My mom has been a teacher since I was in elementary school. The kids she taught have grown up to be engineers, lawyers, scientists and so many other amazing things that she created the foundation for. Teaching someone to read and write is a wonderful gift that we all too often take for granted. It's easy for her to focus on the ones who slipped through the cracks and to list all the things she thinks she should have done differently, but what I see is different.

I see a woman who starting teaching, fell in love with all the kids who sat at a desk in her classroom, molded minds and taught lessons. A woman who showed up for various extra "duties", who never truly had a summer off, and a woman who deserves to enjoy this next chapter of her life.

For sure i have many more fond memories of this beautiful summer of 2019, but these are the big ones. I now have a teenager, so much more knowledge about hair, a great way for everyone to handle thinning hair, and a mom who now has more well deserved free time!


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