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Lori's Holiday Gift Guide

I've mentioned a few things I carry before just in case you forgot I had them, but today I want to go a little more in detail. So if you have that one gift on your list that you just can't find the perfect thing, keep reading.

Joico Kpak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner Set. $38 comes with a complimentary Luster Lock Hair Treatment

This set is perfect for the woman who colors her hair. Without the proper cleansing and moisturizing, hair color will fade way faster. The color stay formula and deep conditioning will leave your hair looking shiny with the color bright, feeling silky, and smelling delicious!

Jocio Kpak Shampoo and Conditioner Set $38 comes with complimentary Luster Lock Hair Treatment. This is for the woman who may or may not color their hair. For the woman who likes to wash and go. For the woman who styles her hair often. It is specially formulated to keep your hair safe from dry, damaged and split ends. Your hair will feel softer and look shinier.

Joico Root Lift $25 For the woman who has flat, thin, or heavy hair. You know that hair. The kind that just sits on top of your head. That looks like you don't have much hair at all because its so close to your head. Enter this amazing root lift. It works instantly to lift hair up off your head, showing (or creating the illusion, whichever the case may be) that you have so much hair it sticks up an inch or two off your head!

Joico Powerspray $25 For every single person who has hair. This hairspray is no joke, ya'll. You spray it, it works instantly. You want hair to stay for a week? Layer it on. You want hair to have height but not be stiff so that it can move throughout the day? Spritz it lightly. You want a great hold with only enough movement to look real? Catch the happy medium. It's the only hairspray you need.

Joico Dry Wax Spray $25 For anyone with short hair OR short layers. If your best girlfriend has short hair and you have long hair, THIS is the one! This spray makes the cutest texture. Just blow dry with fingers, spray and play! Instant height, volume, and fun texture that has a medium, move-able hold.

Joico Luster Lock Spray $30 For anyone with hair longer than a pixie cut. This is the magic stuff. The best thing I've seen as a hairdresser. Curls or dry hair? This gives you the moisture you need to keep those ends healthy. Blow dry or Iron Style your hair? This gives you the repair and protection you need. Frizzy or dull? This gives you frizz control and shine.

Joico Luster Lock Treatment $30 For anyone who has hair longer than a pixie cut. This great once a week or once every other week conditioning treatment repairs, strengthens, and rehydrates hair to keep it healthy. Healthy hair shines, grows and moves better, as well as taking more beautiful colors more effortlessly.

I hope this gave you a little more clarity on who its for and how it helps. As always, email me with any questions!


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