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How to polish nails for a smooth finish

We all know how to put nail polish on, right?

Maybe. But maybe we need a refresher course too.

First things first, don't shake the bottle. I've seen bottles break when people grab the brush and shake. No one needs to spend the rest of their day trying to clean nail polish out of their carpet, right mom? In my defense, I was a teenager:)

Instead, place the bottle between both hands and rub back and forth to make sure the polish is mixed well.

Then, wipe off any excess polish on the brush, and make one straight swipe down the middle of your nail from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Keep it smooth and straight. Then, repeat the motion on the left side of the nail, then the right. If you have wide nails and there is a spot on either side that is missing polish, repeat with a tiny amount of polish on the brush. All swipes should be in straight lines from cuticle to tip.

Allow the first coat to dry, then repeat. After second coat is dry, take a small amount of polish on your brush and paint the end of the nail from one side to the other, again using one straight swipe. Allow to dry and then add your favorite top coat using the same technique!


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