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How to clean your hair tools

It's important to clean all of your beauty tools. Here are a few quick tips when the time comes.

  1. Hair brushes and combs

How often should you clean them? Every 2 months.

How to do it: Take a damp hand towel or wash rag and grab hair in the brush. This is an unknown hack that works great for removing the bulk of hair in a brush. Get the remaining hairs by combing the bristles of the brush with a comb. Then mix hot water with your favorite shampoo- make sure it isn't a cowash, but any other shampoo will work well. Soak brushes and combs in the water for 20 minutes, then rinse well. If you haven't cleaned your brushes in a while, a small bristled scrub brush can remove buildup from products and scalp secretions.

2. Hair clips and other hair accessories

How often should you clean them? Every couple of months.

How to do it: Place clips and accessories in hot water. Soak until water cools and then scrub accessories with a dish sponge with a drop of shampoo. Rinse well, dry well. These accessories often have parts that will rust if not dried.

3. Makeup brushes and tools

How often should you clean them? Once a week.

While some makeup tools should be cleaned after every application, the majority can be cleaned once a week. Personally, I use Dawn dish soap to clean my makeup tools but you can use shampoo if you would rather. Fill sink with soap and water, swirl brushes according to type of brush and application type until all traces of makeup are gone, rinse well and lay flat to dry.

4. Straightening and curling irons

How often should you clean them? Once a month

How to do it: Turn iron on the lowest setting. The heat helps soften up any buildup that is on the iron. Unplug the iron and take a hand towel with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and gently slide across plates of the iron until clean. Do the same to the handles and button, and cord if needed. Let iron dry completely before using.

5. Nail tools

How often should I clean them? Once every couple of months if you're the sole user, every time you use them if you share them.

Wipe off any debris, wash with soap and water, and disinfect by rubbing with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball.


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