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How to add Water to hair for Moisture

It sounds simple, but it also sounds contrary to what we've been taught! The best way to moisturize your hair is to add water. Here are 4 Easy Ways to add water to your dry hair.

  1. Drink it. It probably goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. Your entire body performs better when you're well hydrated and that goes for your hair too!

  2. Invest in a humidifier. These days, central heat and air conditioning are a nice way to stay comfortable, but they are terrible for our skin and hair. Running a humidifier in your bedroom at night, especially through the winter works wonders!

  3. Squish to Condish. Adding tons of water to your hair while you have the conditioner on it and squishing it into your hair strands helps rejuvenate curls and creates healthy, shiny beautiful hair in all hair types. Not sure how? Ask me for a tutorial at your next appointment.

  4. Seal it in. When applying your hair products, it's important to know if you should apply them on wet, damp, towel dried or dry hair. For all of the products that say apply on wet hair, make sure your hair is as dripping wet as possible as those products will seal that water into your hair.


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