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How stress affects your hair and what to do about it

As 2020 starts winding down, we are all familiar with stress, aren't we?

It seems as though anxious, worried, and stressed to the max have become our new normal.

When the body is under stress, it will take oxygen and nutrients from non-vital organs and give it to your brain, muscles and vital organs. Unfortunately, your body doesn't consider your hair to be a vital organ.

So what can we do about it?


When you breathe deeply, that is a signal for your body to release the tension it's holding.

This improves immunity and digestion. Make it a habit to breathe deeply a few times a day.


Just a short walk will help you have more energy throughout the day, destress you little by little, and release those endorphins that we all need right now.

Third, be GRATEFUL

It's hard sometimes to be grateful when every time we turn around it's anther kick in the pants, but we have plenty to be grateful about in our lives. When we focus on the positive, on purpose, that signals our brains that we aren't in immediate danger and lets it let go of some of that stress. Try a gratefulness journal, or just list three things you are grateful for every morning to start your day off right and every night to sleep anxiety free.


As women especially, we often take care of others without taking the time our bodies need. No matter if you make that hair appointment, get a mani/pedi, grab a glass of wine, a blanket and a book, take an extra long bath, or plan a trip out of town for the weekend, we all need to make sure we are taking some "me time" regularly.

Let's enjoy the gift of the Baby Jesus this season, be grateful that God loved us so much He sent Him to us, and spend some time taking care of the bodies He gave us.

Merry Christmas, ya'll:)


We all should know, but when we are stressed, we often forget these things!


Great information describing some negative effects of stress plus helpful ideas to overcome and reverse it. Thank you!

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