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How do I keep my hair healthy?

How do I keep my hair healthy?

As most of you know, when you go to schedule your appointments with me, I have you fill out a form about your hair, your hair routines and the amount of effort you’d like to put into the maintenance of your hair.

ALWAYS, without fail, when asked what is the most important thing to you right now, EVERYONE answers that they want to maintain the integrity of their hair because they want it to be healthy.

Everyone. So, imagine me, reading those answers and thinking “Yes! I can totally help them with this!”

But what happens sometimes is whenever I start talking to my clients about how to maintain the health of their hair, the enthusiasm drops and only about half of my current clientele does everything that I recommended to get that healthy hair.

I get it, life is short, schedules are busy, and as women we put ourselves on the back burner. Sometimes the money is stretched a little too far out and everyone in the family gets a chance to spend what’s leftover before the wife or the mom.

I’m going to go over how to keep your hair healthy and I want you to take a moment and see if you can make these things a priority in your life so that you can maintain the integrity of your hair and keep it healthy!

  1. Use a good, professional brand, PH balanced shampoo.

This is a huge one people. If you’ve heard me talk about shampoo then you know I harp on it all the time. If you have dry hair, dry scalp, roughed up cuticle on your hair, frizz, oily scalp, fading color or split ends, changing your shampoo will help!

  1. Get a trim at least every 12 weeks.

Every 3 months you need to come into the salon for a trim. Especially if you want long beautiful hair. If you don’t trim it regularly, trust me, it will find a way to trim itself.

  1. Get an in salon deep conditioning or cuticle sealing treatment at least 3 times per year.

These treatments are amazing when it comes to closing the cuticle of the hair. A closed cuticle means essential moisture stays in, frizz goes away, and color fading stops. It also means that your hair styling problems drop.

That’s it! If you can do these three things for a year, you’ll see the difference in your hair!

Bonus tip: Use a bond building treatment on a regular basis to strengthen hair from the inside out! Want to know more? Ask me about Sleepover!

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