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If you've seen the latest clothing collections for fall then you know that we are bringing back the past in a big way right now!

Tie dye, block colors, shoulder pads, fringe, bell bottoms, wide leg pants (JNCO anyone?) are all the rage right now and so are chunky highlights, perms, mullets (I know you've seen them) and shags and bangs everywhere! Let's just hope that the little butterfly barrettes stay in the past!

Here's what you can do to personalize and join in the fun!

  1. Cut some bangs. It's a small change that has a huge impact on changing your look. You're committed for a few months and the growout isn't my favorite but we have all had bangs we had to grow out before and we survived the growout.

  2. Chunky dark and light high and lowlights. It really is the hair color people are craving and as long as your stylist thinks your hair can handle the lightening part, I say go for it!

  3. Perm your straight tresses. Perms can be wavy, curly, coily and everywhere in between. In addition to giving your straight hair some curl, they give you volume and body and movement. Never a bad idea except when your hair is compromised. Be sure to have a thorough consultation and strand test before getting a perm.

What styles have you seen coming back from the past? Want to try something not listed here? Let me know and I'd love to talk with you about it!


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