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5 Products Every Woman Should Own

No matter if you are low maintenance or high maintenance, there are 5 products you simply must have! Here's my list.

1. Sunscreen - one for your skin and one for your hair. I guess this is 2 but we are counting it as one.

2. Face Moisturizer - adding moisture, and collagen helps slow the signs of aging and fights wrinkle formation.

3. Heat protectant for your hair - this is necessary for anyone who blow drys, uses a straightener, or curling irons.

4. Mascara - nothing opens up your eyes and makes you look more put together and awake than mascara. You can go from blah to beautiful in less than 2 minutes with a simple coat of mascara.

5. Make up remover - wipes or oil or cream, your preference, but removing your makeup every night slows the aging process dramatically. This is a can't skip.

What are your must have products?


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