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4 Things You Should be Doing Before You Blow-Dry

Is there a wrong way to blow dry your hair? Yes. Follow the tips below to make sure you are doing it right.

Towel dry well without rubbing back and forth. Squeezing the water out of your hair with a towel is the best way to do this.

Apply leave in treatments, heat protectants, root lifts and other styling products while hair is slightly damp, not wet.

Air dry until hair is 80% dry. The less time you expose your hair to the heat from a blow dryer, the less damage you have to worry about.

Detangle. The force of the air from your dryer can tangle hair so it's best to start with detangled hair to minimize the tangles. Brush hair from ends to scalp one section at a time.

After these four steps, blow dry hair one section at a time, keeping the air flow pointed down the hair shaft. Practice makes perfect and in no time you'll be knocking out professional looking blow outs.


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