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3 Major Hairstyling Mistakes You Could Be Making

Styling your hair at home is something that you may not think much about if it's going well. But if you've ever had a problem styling, you know it is frustrating beyond all get out. Here are the 3 most common mistakes I see.

1. Not using a heat protectant. If you blow dry your hair, curl your hair, use a straightener, or even use hot rollers in your hair, you need to be using a heat protectant. I'd recommend using Luster Lock Protect and Shine Treatment every day, that way you have heat protection and UV protection even if you air dry and go.

2. Blow drying up the hair shaft. If you are blow drying your hair, it is important to always aim the blow dryer nozzle downward so that the air blows down the hair shaft. This helps keep the cuticle closed instead of blowing it open and thus prevents frizz, damage and breakage.

3. Brushing too roughly. Always detangle hair from the bottom up. Start with a small section, brush the ends and move up by 1 or 2 inches until hair brushes through easily from scalp to ends. Then move to the next section. Starting at the scalp causes you to have to brush too hard and break your hair.

Make sure you cut these mistakes out of your haircare routine to get healthier, shinier, stronger hair!


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