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Summer Hair Hacks

There are a ton of issues that summer brings when it comes to hair. I wanna share a few tips to help you keep healthy, happy hair all summer long.

Sun: If your hair color is natural, you may enjoy the natural highlights the sun can give you in the summer time. This is actually sun damage from UV rays. If your hair is colored and you are exposing it to those UV rays, you are basically just flushing that color appointment money right down the drain. Protect your hair from the sun with Joico Kpak Luster Lock Spray.

Salt: If you are a beach bum in the summer, that salty water can create tons of cute texture in your hair, which is wonderful! Free cute beach waves? Count me in! If this is you, make sure you are putting some moisture back into your hair. Salt dries out your natural moisture. As soon as you leave the beach, shampoo and condition your hair with a moisturizing formula for your hair. If you spend more than a day or two at the beach or you spend most of your summer there, it is especially important to schedule in salon treatments to repair bonds, condition and restore moisture to your overexposed tresses.

Chlorine: The chemicals that protect us from the bacteria and fungus that grows in water also do a number on our hair. Besides the green nightmare that lighter shades of hair can turn into, the chemicals also dry hair out. Moisture is important in this case too. In salon treatments and shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for your hair type are very important if you spend time in the pool over the summer.

Weddings: It's wedding season! That means lots more all day and night events. Keep your style up to 72 hours with Joico's Powerwhip and Powerspray. The extra hold lets you set it and forget it so you can focus on making memories and enjoying the moment.

Cute Styles- It's often too hot to blow dry, straighten or curl hair. Who wants to add to the heat?? Try one of these cute summer styles.

Cute waves: Wash hair, spray with Kpak Luster Lock spray for UV protection, work Powerwhip through roots to ends and braid small sections of hair from roots to ends. Let hair dry overnight. In the morning, run a straightener over braids or hit with a blowdryer for a couple seconds. Let hair cool, remove braids, flip head over and spray with powerspray. Voila! Cute waves for a couple of days.

Messy Bun: Pull hair into pony tail. Flip hair back over hair tie and tie again with another pony tail holder. Spray ends with powerspray and arrange into a messy look

Hats: Hats are one of my favorite hair hacks for summer. Protection from the sun and a cute accessory? Sign me up!

Have any summer hair hacks I didn't mention? I'd love to hear them!

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