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What is the real maintenance for Blondes?

Having more fun comes with a different set of maintenance rules. Lightened hair is dryer, and sometimes more fragile than other types of hair. What you need to know to maintain healthy blonde hair may surprise you.

There are special products for blonde hair. You need a gentle shampoo and may need to wash it less. You also need a good moisturizing conditioner. For your hair type, this may mean a couple different things. Talk with your hairdresser for recommendations on a good shampoo and conditioner duo for you.

You may need a special purple or silver shampoo and conditioner to use periodically to prevent brassiness. No one wants that yellow or orange/gold look.

You need to protect it from the sun. A leave in UV protectant is a must. Hats are the best protection against the sun, but let's face it, you don't wanna cover up that beautiful blonde!

You need to protect it from heat. Blow drying, straightening, and curling is hard on all hair, but blonde hair is especially susceptible to heat damage.

The dreaded pool green is a real threat! Chemicals in swimming pools can definitely attach themselves to your locks and turn them an unsightly shade of green or blue. To prevent this, coat your tresses in conditioner before diving in.

Prevent breakage. You need to be using a restorative oil daily and be getting in salon treatments regularly as well as trimming hair at least every 12 weeks to prevent breakage. Blonde hair is more prone to breakage, so these things become especially important.

Joico's Kpak Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi Perfector Protectant is a must have product for all blondes. This miracle product locks in color vibrancy, strengthens hair, detangles, has full UV and heat styling protection, reduces the appearance of split ends, and gets rid of frizz.

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