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Merry Christmas from Lori!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love Christmas. It's a time for love. God loved us so much that He sent us the best gift that anyone could ever receive in Jesus. In doing that, He taught us how to love. Sacrificially. Devotedly. All in kind of love. Today I think we all get caught up in what we want to give the people we love and what we want other people to give us. The more important question is do we give the people we love the things they need all year long? Time, touch, little gifts that show we think about them, attention and forgiveness...…. these are more important than the stuff that we covet when it comes to November and December when it's time to gather those Christmas wish lists. I could give you a list of things that would make good gifts for the people you love, and I might end up doing just that! But this morning, I want to talk about love. Are you missing opportunities to show it?

We often take for granted that everyone knows the story of the Baby in the manger. But do they? Is there someone in your life that doesn't know about this one great example of the best kind of love? Could you share it with them?

We often take for granted that our country is defended by brave men and women who sign up to protect us. Could you find a way to support our troops?

We often take for granted that our homeless people will be helped by someone else, or that they got themselves in the situation they are in by poor life choices. Could you find a way to stop judging and start helping?

We often take for granted that the single moms are doing just fine in our community. Could you take her kids on a walk so she can have a few minutes to gather her sanity?

We often think that the woman who is being ugly or rude just sits at home thinking of ways to be a pain to everyone around her. Could you stop and think about what could be going on with her instead? Sometimes just a kind word and trying to get to know someone works miracles.

Remember that our God, who showed us how to love, loves all of these people too. He wants to know the one's who don't know Him yet. He is with our soldiers, giving them the strength to handle their jobs. He is with our homeless people, helping them to survive. He is with our single moms, loving them when very few others do. He is with all of us, watching us, hoping we all learn how to truly love.

This Christmas season, while you are rushing from thing to thing like we all do, take a minute to think about how you can truly show love to the people around you. Merry Christmas, Lori

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