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Healthy Hair Tips

To keep your hair as healthy as it can be, you need to do a little upkeep. Here are a few things that you can do to help your hair be it's best.

Deep Condition Regularly- I cannot stress how important it is to condition your hair.

Drink enough water- yes water affects your hair too!

Swipe a dryer sheet over hair to get rid of static electricity instead of brushing. Brushing creates friction.

Use the right Brush!- Wet Brushes pull and stress the hair considerably less than most other brushes.

Rinse hair with cold water- Doing the backbend dance before getting out of the shower is worth it.

Get regular trims- Keeping the ends of the hair healthy will reduce the amount of breakage.

Protect your color- You can color your hair and still have it be healthy. Make sure you are using a shampoo and conditioner that will protect your color, it will also keep your hair from looking chemically damaged.

Use the right products- If you heat style your hair often, you MUST have a hair protectant! If you have dry, damaged hair, you need to be using oil and most likely a reconstructor. If you're not sure which products you need, call me @ 5756313530 or email me @ and I would be glad to discuss your hair needs.

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