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How to wash Irons and Brushes

When was the last time you washed your brush? Your curling iron? Your straightener?

Yikes! I think this is something no one stops to think about. You should wash your brushes at least every couple of weeks and your irons at least once a month.

To wash your brush- Remove all hair from bristles. Soak in warm water and dawn dish soap. Scrub surface of brush with a washrag or toothbrush. A sponge will work for this as well. Scrub bristles with toothbrush or sponge, taking care to clean from top to bottom of all bristles. Product buildup and sebum released from your scalp gather around those bristles! Rinse with warm to hot water and pat dry. Place brush on towel to allow water to drain from inside the brush.

To wash your irons- UNPLUG AND ALLOW TO COOL COMPLETELY. Using cotton swabs dipped in alcohol, carefully clean the entire surface of your iron. For stuck on product, you may want to use a scrubbing sponge, taking care not to scratch your iron. Using a damp washcloth, gently wipe down the surface of the iron again. Dry completely with a towel. Do not plug in your iron until you are certain the iron has had time to dry completely.

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