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Healthy Curls are Easy with the Right Strategy

Curly Hair Lubbock, TX
Curly Hair Lubbock
Curly Hair Lubbock
Curly Hair Lubbock
Curly Hair Lubbock
Curly Hair Lubbock

New to Lori?


Meet Lori 

Find out who I am and what I do at Lori Peppin Hair and determine if you believe I will be a good fit for your hair goals. 

Curly Hair Lubbock

New guests must choose  a Curl Discovery Session 

Returning Guests can schedule any services. 

Once you submit the form, you'll immediately get an email containing my online booking link where you can schedule the best day and time for you!

Curly Hair Lubbock

Learn all the secrets to curly hair.  I'll teach you how to get rid of frizz, get better curl definition, how to hydrate your hair so the ends don't look so dry and exactly how to style for your preferred routine. 

You'll learn the 3 Steps to Healthy Curls method and leave fully prepared to have Healthy Curls for Life!

Discover the Right Products for YOUR Curls

Regular Haircuts to Encourage Growth

In Salon Treatments
as Needed

At your Curl Discovery Session, you'll get personal product recommendations as well as learn about the purpose of each product so you'll never wonder what you should be using again. 

Your Curl Discovery includes an initial Custom Curly Haircut utilizing a variety of cutting techniques.  I cut curls dry the majority of the time, but I will always use the techniques best suited for the intended result. 

Everyone needs a haircut at least every 12-16 weeks to maintain healthy hair. 

Almost everyone needs to clarify and detox their curls when first coming to see me.  Some curls also need protein every now and then.  Personalized treatment recommendations are always included as well. 

My Clients Say

Lori was wonderful! I've been to a few curly hair specialists over the years, but Lori was the absolute best. She goes over everything you need to know to have beautiful curls & waves at home. If you're like me, your hair will look great after seeing the professional, but then when you get home and try to do it yourself, it is awful and never the same. I'm not a master like Lori (maybe someday, but not yet!) but her steps/suggestions help you recreate the salon magic on your curls at home. I'm thankful I made an appointment with her! She doesn't push you to buy products (but you should, they are great!) and she is very welcoming/puts you at ease. Overall a wonderful experience and I look forward to going back in the future! Thanks, Lori! :)
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