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Welcome to the
Curly Haircare Education You've Been Waiting For! 

I can't wait to meet you! Let's get started. 


The Details

I'm Lori and I teach people how to take care of their curls using my proven

3 Steps to Healthy Curls system so that they can have healthy, beautiful curls for life.

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The Right Products for YOUR Curls 


Regular Haircuts


In Salon Treatments 


Healthy, Beautiful Curls

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Young Woman with Curly Hair

Schedule Your Curl Discovery Session by clicking Schedule Appointment below and submitting the form. After you submit the form, you will immediately get an EMAIL with a link for you to schedule your appointment on the best day and time for you as well as all the details to make your visit seamless, comfortable and relaxing.

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The Curl Lounge

The education doesn't stop when you leave your Curl Discovery. All of my clients get access to my Curl Lounge, right here at

Along with other perks and resources, you can ask Lori a curl question any time one comes up, 24/7! You'll also find product guides and your new favorite, your Curly Haircare Guide.

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The Curl Classroom 

The 3 Steps to Healthy Curls system will help you have healthy, beautiful curls but a lot of the work comes from you at home.  That's why I've made the Curl Classroom accessible 24/7 so that you can continue to learn and understand the concepts as many times as you need to. The point is to learn something that carries you through your lifetime. 

You'll get a new class every month in your classroom feed and I host quarterly Curl Q & A Live online calls as well. 

Curl Discovery Sessions are an introduction to the 3 Steps to Healthy Curls System.  Your first visit with Lori is a Curl Discovery Session.

The original Curl Discovery is for adults. The Sweetheart Session is for minors ages 11-17.

Learn about Curl Discovery Options

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What to expect: 

Learn all about your natural curls. I will teach you about curl structure and what it needs, how to do what it needs and how and when you should use which products. 

You'll walk away equipped to have healthy curls for the rest of your life, with or without me!  

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The Sweetheart Classroom 

After a Sweetheart Session, parents and their kids are excited about all of the new opportunities now that they know how curls work! We keep that inspiration and education going with the online Sweetheart Classroom that can be accessed 24/7. 

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