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I'm 40-ish and I've been a hairdresser for almost 20 years.  I've been a single mom for over a decade and my son is now grown! We have been in Lubbock since the very end of 2022 and we love it here. 

I'm a lifelong student.  I learn something new every single day and as I get older I only get more intentional about what I'm learning.  Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more you grow:)

I'm passionate about teaching people how to take care of their curly hair in the best way possible, and as a former teenage girl with curly hair, I get fired up about making sure no teenagers with curls ever sit in my chair and feel the way that I used to.  

My method is simple and straightforward.  I'll teach you the things you need to know to have the healthiest, most beautiful curls imaginable. 

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