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My Top 5 Products for Spring

The weather is changing, the days are longer and the heat is coming. In other parts of the world, the moisture is coming, but alas, we live in the desert. So I'm preparing to moisturize even more. Here are my top 5 products to combat the dryness and the wind this spring.

  1. Merle Norman's Skin Smoother - I recently found this gem and I am OBSESSED! I had spent so. much. money. looking for a moisturizer that felt good when I put it on, didn't make my face feel wet or caked, made my skin feel soft to the touch, and helped prevent more wrinkles as well as didn't make my pores bigger. Well this checks all of those boxes! My face feels moisturized and I can tell a huge difference!

2. Body butter lotion - With my legs coming out of hiding with the warmer weather, I noticed I'd been neglecting the lotion a little bit. Hello, ashy look. This lotion is moisturizing without leaving me feeling greasy or wet so that I don't stick to my clothes.

3. Cuticle Oil - I don't know about you, but my nails have seen better days. Cuticle oil is one of those things that is easy to forget, but it's so simple. Put some next to your deodorant and apply it daily to see amazing results.

4. Kpak Color Therapy Shampoo - you know I wasn't going to miss another opportunity to talk about shampoo! The oils and moisturizing ingredients in this shampoo are going to make a huge difference in sealing my hair's moisture into my hair during the heat and wind.

5. Finally, the secret weapon! Luster Lock Protect and Shine spray - This leave in conditioning spray is such a multifaceted product! Conditioning, frizz control, detangling, shine creating, heat protecting, Sunscreen, and cuticle sealing can all be done with this product!

What are your tips for fighting the effects of the desert?


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