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It's My Birthday and I'll share if I want to!

June is the best month EVER! That's when I got to come into this world and it's when things really start to feel summery. I'm feeling like sharing more of myself with you all today so I'm compiling a list of my favorites in different categories for your reading pleasure. This post may or may not have anything to do with hair, but as you all know, I love me some hair so it might:)

My Favorite Hobbies

  1. Reading

  2. Yard Work

  3. Golf

  4. Crocheting

  5. Sewing

  6. Attending Texas Country Music Concerts

My Favorite Authors

  1. Tijan

  2. Sarah J Maas

  3. Laurel K Hamilton

  4. Kim Harrison

My Favorite Skincare Products

  1. Merle Norman Wrinkle Smoother

  2. Elemis Resurfacing Pads

  3. Clinique Normal Face Wash

  4. Merle Norman Preventative Firming Defense Cream

My Favorite Plants

  1. Spider plants

  2. Iris'

  3. Spotted Laurel

My Favorite Animals

  1. Dogs

  2. Elephants

  3. Big Cats

My Favorite Hair Trends

  1. The mohawk mullet!

  2. Perms

My Favorite TV Shows

  1. Yellowstone

  2. Supernatural

  3. All the sitcoms!

My Favorite Celebrities

  1. The Rock

  2. Mark Wahlberg

  3. Kirsten Dunst

  4. Emma Stone

My Favorite Hair Products

  1. Luster Lock Protect and Shine Spray

  2. Powder Puff

  3. Body Builder

  4. Ouidad Deep Conditioning Mask - coming soon curly girls!!!

My Favorite Roles

  1. Mom

  2. Lolo - this is what my nephews call me

  3. Hairdresser

  4. Teacher

  5. Friend

I hope you made it through my list and will forgive me for being a little selfish today. I am looking forward to an amazing month and I'm so glad to be sharing it with all of you!


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