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How wet should your hair be when applying products?

Does it matter if my hair is soaking wet, wet but towel dried, partly dry or dry when I apply my products? Well that depends on your products. I break it down for you below:)

Shampoo - Hair should be completely saturated throughout before using shampoo.

Conditioner - Hair should be wet, but wring out the excess before applying.

Leave in Sprays - Hair should be wet, but towel dried.

Mousse - Hair should be wet, but towel dried.

Root lifters: Can be applied wet, but towel dried, or dry or any variation between the two.

Hairspray - should be applied on dry hair

Dry Spray Wax or Oil - Hair should be dry

Gel - Hair should be damp

Dry Shampoo - Hair should be dry

Are you applying products at the correct time? Let me know!


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