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My favorite Circle E Candles

I love Circle E Candles! Their name proceeds them everywhere you go. They are good quality and smell delicious. The way they waft through your entire house and last for so long sets them high above other brands of candles. I get asked a lot what my favorite scents are so I thought I'd share. The following are my picks.

Bird of Paradise- The all around number one favorite of most people. A magical blend of strawberries and cream. Seriously everyone loves it!

Fire on the Mountain- Growing up I couldn't stand the smell of cinnamon. I always felt like it was too overpowering. Circle E Candles has fixed this for me by adding a subtle scent of cider along with it. For sure a wonderful scent to walk in to.

Sandalwood and Spice- The name says it all. It is a comforting smell that makes me feel at home and comfy and cozy.

Santa Fe- Another favorite!! I love how masculine this smells! It is similar to Drakkar cologne and whenever I smell it I feel comforted.

Country Morning- This smells like Fall! If you know me you know that's the only selling point I need. The pumpkin candles, my favorite of course come in Country Morning and Bird of Paradise.

With all Circle E Candles;

Make sure the candle is placed on a heat resistant surface.

Trim wicks to package specifications.

For first time lighting, make sure to burn long enough to melt the entire top of the candle. Candles follow patterns when they burn so if you do not melt the entire top, the wax will never burn around the sides.

Whenever there is more melted wax than solid wax, blow out the candle immediately. Too much liquid wax may cause the glass to overheat and explode.

Interested in purchasing a Circle E Candle? Visit Lori's Beauty Shop or call me @ 575 631 3530

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