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What is the Real difference between Professional and Over the Counter Products?

You’re in the salon chair getting your hair done, and your stylist asks the dreaded question: “What products have you been using on your hair lately?” You begin to sweat as you weigh the options of lying versus having to actually admit to this trained professional that you’ve been using a $6 shampoo and conditioner and sitting there in shame for the rest of the appointment.

I see this situation play out almost every week and while I feel for my clients, I also need to know the answer. No judgement because I'm a single momma and that $6 is hard to come by sometimes. But facts are facts and the reality is that most of the struggles that my clients have are from using those crappy products. People are always amazed that the frustrations they've been dealing with for months or years are so easily fixed by simply using a different shampoo!

One of the main differences between over the counter and professional products is the PH level. Your body is naturally at a PH level between 4.5 and 5.5 depending on the person. It makes sense that a shampoo in the same PH range would cause less irritation when used on such a regular basis. Another key difference is the ingredients and the concentration of ingredients. How many of you actually use the dime size amount recommended? I'm betting not many. When you use professional products you can actually use the dime sized amount.

Which brings us to the mind blowing point that in reality, the cost difference isn't that big. A bottle of one of my best selling shampoo's lasts 3-4 months on average for my clients. It's $22 and that averages out to $5.50 per month. That $6 bottle of shampoo you bought over the counter might last you a month to maybe 6 weeks.

I'm not a math genius but when you add in the benefits to your hair, I don't see a big gap in value/price.

Ready to see if it's possible to fix your hair frustrations by changing your hair products? I'd love to give you some customized recommendations for hair products! Just email me at and let me know how I can help you!


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