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Is it rude to ask your hairdresser not to talk?

Sometimes, your hair appointment can be the one thing that you actually allow yourself to have that is just for pampering yourself. When that is the case, relaxation and a wonderful experience can be more important even than the hair. If you are looking forward to just zoning out, reading a book, catching up on your guilty pleasure or anything else that doesn't require talking during your appointment, you might be experiencing a little bit of guilt. Is it rude to not talk or to ask your hairdresser not to talk to you???

The answer is NO! If you want to sit in silence to enjoy the experience, that is usually a complement. There are a few key things to keep in mind though.

  1. If you are looking at your phone, reading a book, watching a video or reading a magazine, don't move your head too much. A lot of the results that you get in your haircut or color depend on the position of your head. Your hairdresser will let you know where they need your head to be, just be mindful that you aren't moving it from that position unless they tell you to reposition.

2. You need to talk at the beginning. It is very dangerous to just come in to the salon, sit down and zone out. Your hairdresser should always have a thorough consultation with you to ensure that you both are comfortable with the plan for your services. Don't zone out until you know exactly what is going to happen to your hair at the appointment.

3. If you are going to watch any videos or anything with sound, bring headphones.

Ready to relax and not talk? Bring that book with you and enjoy the time that really is all about you!


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