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How to Tweeze your Eyebrows

It's a daunting task, but a necessary one, so I wanted to share some tips on how to shape your eyebrows at home with tweezers.

Why is it necessary? The eyebrows really do frame and set the tone for your face. Grown out eyebrows make you look unkempt and shaped and groomed eyebrows instantly make you look more put together.

So where do we start?

Step 1. Clean your face. Warm water opens up your pores and follicles and makes pulling hairs out easier and less painful.

Step 2. Grab your tweezers and find the end point. Place your tweezers in a straight line from the outside of your nose to the outside of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should end. Tweeze all hairs outside of this point.

Step 3. Take your tweezers and hold them straight up from the outside of your nose to the inside of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should start on the inside. Mark both eyebrows and tweeze any hairs in between the two lines.

Step 4. Take an eyeliner or lip liner and draw the arch or overall shape you want your eyebrows to be. Take your time and make sure that is really the shape you want. Once you have the perfect shape on both eyebrows, tweeze any hairs outside of your shape outline.

Be very intentional about this step and after every couple of hairs, step back from your mirror and look at the overall picture. Take it slow and start from the bottom hairs and go up. Stop at any point.

The average eyebrow hair takes 4-6 months to grow back in so less is more when removing hair from this area.

Pat your face down with your favorite moisturizer and take on the day looking more put together!


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