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How to make sure Grey Hair is Healthy

Healthy hair is easy when you have the right strategy. So what's the right strategy when it comes to letting that grey hair come out?

  1. Go with the changes. Grey hair often has a different texture than the hair did before it lost it's color. This means you'll need to use different products, you may have some new styling options, and you might have more curl or more body and volume in your hair! Take the time to learn how to style your new hair.

  2. Consider a toner. We don't always love the shade of grey that we get, at least at first. As hair starts to lose pigment, it's often in that weird in between stage. There's nothing wrong with a toner a few times a year to keep the grey a pretty color.

  3. Protect and Moisturize. Grey hair is often more coarse, frizzy and dry than hair with pigment. It's important to talk with your stylist about which products do what and which ones you need personally. A shampoo that is specifically for grey hair, a nourishing conditioner and a heat protectant and UV protection are must haves. Grey hair will turn yucky colors if exposed to UV rays.

  4. Keep up with your Cuts. Grey hair is fragile because it's hollow. Getting regular trims on your normal schedule keeps your ends looking healthy and allows your natural hair to shine!

Grey hair is lower maintenance for sure, but keep in mind just because you're letting the color go doesn't mean you're letting the hair go!


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