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Hair Treatments Explained

Often, we hear the word treatment and think "conditioning" treatment which causes us to correlate conditioner with treatments. This is not the case at all, treatments are different. Conditioners are rinses that close the cuticle and should be used regularly by you in the shower.

Treatments penetrate the hair and get inside to reconstruct or moisturize from the inside out. Let's take a look at different treatments, what they do and why you might need one.

Reconstructing Treatments are often a combination of protein and moisture and help build your hair stronger from the inside out. These treatments should only be done at the salon as too much protein can make your hair more fragile. Your hair will most likely not feel "soft" after these treatments as the goal is to make hair stronger.

Moisturizing Treatments - see conditioning treatments - are designed to put moisture back into the hair and balance the moisture content of your hair. They help heal some damage, relieve dryness and help fight frizz.

Bond building Treatments help to actually build the bonds your hair is made out of and can be done in salon or at home with a bond building take home product.

Scalp Treatments are designed to improve circulation to your scalp, remove debris an help with flakes from dry hair or dandruff or irritation. Redness, itchiness, flakes and bumps may indicated a need for a scalp treatment.


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