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6 Commonly Asked Questions about Hair loss

Seeing a brush or a drain full of hair can be scary, but most of the time, your hair loss is totally normal. Hair cycles through growth and loss stages throughout our lives. Hormones, stress and environmental factors can influence this cycle, but it will continue. Here are some commonly asked questions about hair loss so you can be more prepared when it happens to you.

  1. How much hair loss is normal? 100 hairs lost per day is normal. It seems like a lot, but its perfectly fine.

  2. When should I be concerned? You should ask a professional about your hair loss whenever you see spots on your head that are thinning noticeably, or if you have bald spots.

  3. How do stress and hormones affect hair loss? Stress makes your body release cortisol, which can affect your hormones. Hormonal changes can trigger telogen effluvium, the hair loss phase of the hair growth cycle.

  4. How long does telogen effluvium last? The hair loss phase can last 2-6 months. After that, if you're still losing hair, you should see a professional.

  5. When can I expect hair loss? You can expect your hair to start falling out about 3-4 months after having a baby, starting menopause, or experiencing a high stress event.

  6. Is there a product that can prevent hair loss? No, but there are things that dermatologists can do to stimulate hair growth, and there are products that can make the hair you have feel and look thicker.


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