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Introducing the Sweetheart Session: Teaching Curly Hair Care for Young Girls

At Lori Peppin Hair, I understand the importance of teaching proper hair care at a young age. That's why I created the Sweetheart Session, a specialized version of my popular Curl Discovery Session specifically designed for girls ages 11-17.

During the Sweetheart Session, your trained curl specialist will work with young girls to teach them the basics of curly hair care. This includes identifying their curl type, evaluating the health of their hair, and creating a customized care routine based on their specific needs.

But the Sweetheart Session is about more than just styling and care tips. It's also an opportunity for young girls to learn self-care and self-love, empowering them to embrace and celebrate their unique curls.

The Sweetheart Session includes the elements of my regular Curl Discovery Session, but is focused specifically on teaching the proper curly hair care basics for young girls. By starting good curl care habits at an early age, girls can avoid the mistakes and damage that can be common in adults, and instead enjoy healthy, beautiful curls for years to come.

If you have a young girl in your life who could benefit from learning more about caring for their curls, consider booking a Sweetheart Session. It's an investment in their hair health and self-confidence that will pay off for years to come.


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