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Hey, Curly Friend!

I love to work with all textures of curls.  

Swavy - mostly straight with a couple waves down the length. 

Wavy - hair waves but never curls

Curly - hair curls around in a circular motion

Kinky - hair is a super tight wave or zigzag

I teach people how to take care of their curls using my proven

3 Steps to Healthy Curls system.


 I utilize Curl Discovery Sessions for each of my new clients in order to learn the System and get the knowledge and tools to implement it in their lives. 

After that, you'll see me once every 12-16 weeks for a haircut and maybe three times a year for an in-salon treatment on an as needed basis. 

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What  to expect


Schedule your Curl Discovery Session by clicking "schedule now". Fill out the form.  Once you submit it, you'll immediately get an email containing a link to my online booking where you can choose the day and time that works for you. 

Once you schedule an appointment you'll get a confirmation email with all the details about where to go,  what to bring, how to prepare your hair and everything else you need to be  comfortable and relaxed for our Curl Discovery Session. 

Curl Discovery Session

Lori will teach you about curl construction, the importance and purpose of products, how to wash, condition, detangle, hydrate (correctly), style, dry, sleep with and refresh your curls.  Also includes a customized curly haircut and whatever treatments are recommended. 

2 Months Later

It's recommended for most people to return for their second salon visit about 8 weeks after the Curl Discovery Session.  The timing can fluctuate person to person based on the condition of the curls at the starting point.  The second visit is usually a Luxury Treatment to clarify and detox and really get to your actual hair.  This is also the point where the system starts showing you real, noticable, tangible results. 


We continue to maintain our curl haircare home routine and see Lori in the salon every 12-16 weeks for haircuts and treatments as needed. 


While everyone's hair is different, the fact that our hair is deeply dehydrated is true almost across the board.  Curls or no curls, fine, thick or anything else, we live in a dry climate and our hair is dehydrated. 

Your curly success depends on you being able to get water into your hair and remain.  I'm here to walk with you each step of the way and I just know you're going to love your healthy hair!

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